Our Story


It all started with a passion for food.  Nothing makes us happier than preparing a meal to share with our friends and family.  During a hiatus from work we decided to turn this passion into a full time endeavor and the Tuesday Night Supper Club was born.


Every week about 20 families would socialize and pick up their hot family dinner from our kitchen.  Our dinners appealed to adults and children, were well-balanced and prepared with quality, fresh ingredients.  Customers quickly became friends and we all loved the mid-week rendezvous. The Tuesday Night Supper Club evolved into catering upscale parties and providing personal chef services.


The sauces that we bring to you in the Taste of Paradise collection are based on recipes which our customers enjoyed immensely.

Before bottling these sauces we had to do some soul searching.  We did not want to compromise on quality.  We agreed that if we were to put our names on any product, it had to be a product we would be proud to serve.


Today we are confidant and excited to bring you these unique sauces, still made with all-natural, quality ingredients.  You will find all the sauces very versatile and we encourage you to visit our website for recipe ideas and to share your ideas with others as well.


We thank our friends and customers who encouraged us to launch Culinary Twist!

Please Enjoy!


Lynn Milos and Eric Martel