Bora Bora

Inspired by the French Polynesian paradise, ‘Bora Bora’ sauce is the ultimate condiment. A cross between chutney, steak sauce and BBQ sauce with complex bold flavors. It’s a sweet spice sauce. Ribs and steaks and pork, regardless of how you prepare them, pair perfectly with Bora Bora. You are not limited to the grill though: vegetarians love this sauce too. The possibilities are never-ending… it's even versatile enough to be spread over softened cream cheese to make a deconstructed cheesecake.  This sauce is Gluten-Free.


Bora Bora is great for:


Brushing on ribs or pork

Brushing on lamb

Dipping meatballs

Marinating TriTip (or any meat!)

Dipping any Meat!

Dipping chunks of Chicken

Smothering chunks of crab or lobster

Creating mini slider burgers with cream cheese and caramelized onions!

Topping soft cream cheese as an appetizer (or dessert)

Dipping mini potatoes

Tossing with mixed greens, water chestnuts, potato cubes, dried figs, and pine nuts!


Ingredients: Water, dates, tamarinds, brown sugar, sea salt, spices, chili powder, orange peel


UPC: 7-05105-10975-6

1 bottle: 8.5 Oz (250 ml)