SAVU Smoker Bag - Mesquite by Emeril

The SAVU Smoker Bag is a fabulous product patented by a Finnish company.  This Mesquite Smoker is manufactured for Emeril and is made of foil and contains natural Mesquite wood chips, hardwood syrup and sugar. No glue - no chemicals.  Place meat, chicken, fish, veggies, etc., inside the smoker bag, close it up and place it in a hot oven or preheated grill -- and you've got smoked food in minutes!


    Each smoker bag package includes usage instructions, cooking chart and recipes.

    Natural Mesquite, Finnish Alder or American Hickory wood chips create real smoked flavor in minutes!

    Quick and easy, no turning of the food or the bag.

    Complete meals in one bag.

    Anybody can do it, the SAVU smoker bags offer a fool-proof cooking method.

    No chemicals or glue.

    Low fat cooking.

    Keeps oven and grill clean.

    Safe and easy cooking on public picnic & campsite barbeques.

Savu Smoker Bag - Mesquite Savu Smoker Bag - Mesquite $3.20